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Our Bollards 101018

Free Standing Model

Our freestanding bollard can be installed anywhere in a concrete surface. We simply core drill a hole and use an epoxy glue to secure the in ground sleeve.

We use a dust/water extraction system when drilling to minimize any mess. The glue is dry within 60 minutes and the bollard can be used the same day.

Roller Door External/Internal

With this model an attachment is mounted to the roller door and the bollard traps the door to the bollard. This attachment can be or either the outside or inside of the door.

This prevents the door from being forced up or pushed in. Please note that the door has to be lowered before inserting the bollard

Surface Mount Bollards

Our fixed/surface mount bollards come in 90mm and 114mm diameter outside diameter. We can manufacture other sizes to order

Permanent Bollards

Our permanent bollards can be installed anywhere in a concrete surface. We simply core drill a hole approximately 300mm deep and use an epoxy glue to secure the bollard into the concrete.

We can supply a range of sizes and colours ranging from 90mm up to 165mm outside diameter. These bollards can later be filled with concrete for extra strength.

Recessed Tamper Proof Lock

Our lock is recessed into the top of the bollard to prevent tampering. In the event of tampering the internal mechanism will lock the bollard further into the ground.

Our bollard self-locks into the ground and the key is only required to remove the bollard. All bollards are supplied with 2 keys and multiple bollards can be keyed alike.

Flush Fitting Hinged Cover Plate

We can drill into all types of concrete be it plain, painted, exposed or tiled. The cover plate when down fits flush with the surface eliminating any trip hazards.

Galvanised Inground Sleeve

Our in ground sleeve is hot dipped galvanised to protect against corrosion.

Custom Bollards

We can manufacture custom built bollards to your requirements. Custom colours are also available upon request.